Breeder Directory Deluxe Blurb: Cost $25.00 per year
With a TIBCS Breeder membership you receive a free listing in our breeder directory, for which you must enter the data (picture & wording). On TIBCS website, if you would like additional room for text, you can choose the Deluxe Breeder Blurb option to enlarge your breeder listing. It expands the number of characters in the description from 250 up to 500. It’s a great way to distinguish your cattery in the breeders’ directory.

Breeder Directory Picture Blowup: Cost $15.00 per year
A second image appears when you click on your Breeders’ Directory Blurb picture, whatever picture in which-ever size you upload.

Breeder Directory Website Hotlink: Cost $35.00 per year
The TIBCS Web Site gets over 50,000 hits a month. This annual fee pays for a Hot Link from your Breeder Directory Listing to your own website, utilizing your web site address as a clickable link.

Breeder of Distinction Program : Cost $10.00 per year
The BOD Program is a STRICTLY VOLUNTARY program for Breeder Members which sets higher standards for those breeders who want to distinguish their cattery through outside verification. TIBCS encourages all members to become better breeders with healthy, happy cats. This program helps set goals and standardizes the process. A written test is required as is an inspection of your breeding facility by a licensed DVM (Veterinarian). Benefits include a prominent listing of the BOD breeders on TIBCS website and in the Bulletin’s Breeder Directory.


Distressed Bengal Fund: Suggested Donation $10-$50
The Distressed Bengal Fund grants monies to assist Bengal Cats cared for by members that are rescues or in immediate distress due to some kind of crisis. Your tax deductable contribution to TIBCS for this fund is used to help cats through difficult times. The guidelines and applications can be found at http://www.tibcs.com/DBFFund,aspx.

The Lightning Fund (heart research): Suggested Donation $10-$100
Established September 2007 by TIBCS Executive Board, monies donated to this fund are granted for research searching to identify a genetic mutation causing Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) in Bengals. The current research is being led by Dr. Kate Meurs at Washington State University, under the Administration of the WINN Feline Foundation. Your donation helps us work towards the health of our Bengal breed.


Bengal Legal Education Fund: Suggested Donation $10-$100
Unfortunately there are many well-intentioned people who, out of their concern for animals, would pass legislation discouraging or preventing us from having our furry friends. The BLE Fund educates and informs the decision makers who craft laws that affect us. This fund has become increasingly important in the last few years as legislation is being proposed at federal and regional levels, especially that which unknowingly includes domestic Bengals in anti-hybrid wording. Many of these laws are anti-breeder or anti-owner, which fail to achieve the results they purport to espouse. Your gift will help us keep our Bengals safe, loved and legal.

Heritage Conservation Fund: Suggested Donation $10-50
To honor TIBCS twentieth anniversary year, the TIBCS Executive Board has established a new charitable endeavor, our Heritage Conservation Fund which will collect funds throughout each year and every January award a grant to a group working to preserve ALCs in their natural environment in the wild. While the leopard cat is widely distributed and uses various habitats, populations are under increasing threats from habitat destruction, hunting, and trapping,
General Account: Suggested Donation: $10.00
Like most non-profit organizations, TIBCS is honored by donations to our General Fund which help cover monthly operation expenses. Your donations help to keep membership accessible to everyone.

TIBCS PUBLICATIONS (shipping is included in the price)

Brochures 100pk: Cost $50.00
Brochures 10pk: Cost $5.00

This is a nice color brochure for potential kitten buyers to look at. They come in packages of 10 or 100. Click here to see what the Brochure looks like: http://www.tibcs.com/tibcsbrochure.pdf

Bulletin Back Issues-- Cost $15.00 each
Did you miss an issue of the Bengal Bulletin? We keep a limited supply of back issues available if there is one or more you are looking for. Let us know which ones you need. See http://www.bengalcat.com/abouttibcs/bulletin.aspx - http://www.bengalcat.com/Backissues.pdf

In 1989 TIBCS realized how fast our breed was developing. To answer the many questions about origins of our breed, TIBCS published the Foundation Lookbook with articles and pictures telling the story. Reprinted in 2006, the LOOKBOOK second edition is still available and is a must-have historical document.