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List of current TIBCS Breeders of Distinction

BODThe Breeder of Distinction program is a STRICTLY VOLUNTARY program for TIBCS members only designed to set standards for those breeders who are willing to (or already are) practicing outstanding breeding practices. We have tried to make the requirements something that any interested person can do with just a little extra thought and effort. The purpose behind TIBCS is to make all of us better breeders with healthy, happy cats. We believe this program will help standardize this.

All breeders who complete the requirements will have their cattery recognized in the Breeder Directory (both in the Bulletin and in the information packets sent out for TIBCS) as a Breeder of Distinction. The BOD breeders will be held to higher standards than regular TIBCS members but will also reap the benefits. There is little doubt that, when a buyer is looking at breeders, they will be especially attracted to breeders who have made the extra effort to become Breeders of Distinction.

Requirements for TIBCS Breeder of Distinction Designation

  1. Must be a TICA Cattery of Excellence or it's equivalent for breeders outside of North America. If you know of another association that registers and shows Bengals and has a Cattery of Excellence program, please let us know.
  2. Must use contracts for all cat/kitten sales.
  3. Must pass an open book multiple choice examination (don't get excited, we said OPEN BOOK). There are certain things a good breeder should know and the exam provides that forum. You can ask your vet, look it up in books, ask other breeders, etc. The idea is to learn the correct answer - we don't care how you find it out.
  4. Must exhibit in at least one cat show per year if working at the SBT level. The rapid evolution of the Bengal breed makes it necessary to attend shows in order to remain aware of what other breeders are producing, and to gather impartial evaluations of one's own cats by other knowledgeable fanciers.
  5. Must sign and adhere to the TIBCS Code of Ethics.
  6. Advertising must follow TIBCS guidelines (no advertising pictures of leopard cats or obvious foundation cats in domestic cat magazines).
  7. >Must have produced at least 3 litters of registered Bengals and have shown at least one kitten/cat of your own breeding, if SBT.

These are the current requirements but they are subject to refinement and change as we work with the program. There will be two levels: If a breeder accomplishes all of the above requirements, then the breeder receives the TIBCS Breeder of Distinction certificate (must be renewed annually). For those who have completed at least 6 of the 7 requirements, but are still working on the last one, there is the TIBCS Breeder of Distinction - pending (one can only use that category for one year but it will allow some flexibility for those who are working towards it but, for one reason or another, can't finish all of the requirements immediately.

If you would llike to apply for Breeder of Distinction, Log into the Members Only Area, go to the Your Account Link and select Breeder of Distinction ($10.00) and send payment. Then please fill out the online application.

TIBCS, 7915 S. Emerson Ave, Suite B 142, Indianapolis, IN, 46237, USA

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