The ultimate in exotic spotted elegance.

  We specialize in elegant golden and silver leopard spotted cats with exotic faces and affectionate personalities. Karen Sausman.  
  Contact:Karen @ 951-659-4258



Designer Spots Cattery Of California
Southern California

  We are devoted to raising top quality SBT Bengals with exotic appearance and loving temperaments. Small home-based TICA registered cattery. Health guarantee. Shipping available throughout the U.S. See our website kittens page for updated photos and prices. KITTENS AVAILABLE NOW! 
  Contact:Jennifer @ 619-208-1561


RAINFOREST Of California

  TICA MP #1 Bengal 2012 RW SGC RainForest Virtual R  
  RainForest Bengals are among the wildest looking Bengals in the world, offering exotic faces with dramatic mascara, large nocturnal eyes, puffy nose leather, smaller ears, rosetted coats, whited underbelly, athletic bodies, Genetic health and Intuitive Intelligence. We actively educate on health issues and screen our cats for HCM, PK-Deficiency and genetic structural problems.  
  Contact:Jaen @ 707-937-0783


DAWNSTAR Of California
Magic in Motion

  Dawnstar Lickety Split and friends  
  Looking for adventure? Magic in motion, these muscular athletic cats come in spotted as well as marbled patterns. They like high places, often enjoy water, and can demonstrate nature's camouflage techniques in suburbia. The short coat is easy to care for, and an interactive purrsonality will teach you to play fetch and jump through hoops. The Bengal makes a wonderful companion who can add some adventure to your life.  
  Contact:Anita @ 805-967-6667


BlackMtnBengals Of California
Come visit! Gorgeous, Healthy, Friendly cats and kittens.

  Poway, CA (San Diego)  
  BlackMtnBengals (San Diego Bengal) is devoted to producing beautiful healthy quality kittens with great temperaments and large rosettes, always raised in home. All Queens & Studs are HCM scanned, PK Def & PRA tested to produce healthy kittens that will live long happy lives in your homes. 
  Contact:Janet @ 858-254-0544


MAINSTREET Of California
16 + years producing top show cats and loving family companions

  Mainstreet Hidden Treasure  
  Our focus is on Breed Progress: With sound health & conformation, Wild appearance, Sharp clear contract, Stunning rosettes, and with a lap cat Purrsonality.  
  Contact:Debbie and Rick @ 760-807-8096 or 760-480-6346


New Mexico

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