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Breeders Directory
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The TIBCS Breeder Directory contains a list of TIBCS Breeder Members who have requested that their cattery be included in the directory. TIBCS has not inspected any of the breeders listed here. These breeders have signed a Code of Ethics which they have agreed to uphold.

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Please note: Many Bengal Breeders display the TIBCS logo on their site or say they are members. Do not assume this is true. If in question, please check for their name to be listed below of check with our Membership Secretary.

Breeders of Distinction

These following TIBCS breeders listed below have acquired their TIBCS Breeder of Distinction by being vet inspected, quallifying for their TICA Cattery of Excellence, or similar award from another registry to which they belong.

TIBCS Breeders of Distinction (BOD)



Boyd, Melody  BoydsBengals 
Faulkner, Marla  Lone Star Bengals 
Kerr, Samantha  A-Kerr's Bengals 
Ravi, Nashary  Nusantra Bengal 
Sickinger, Janet  AJAYS Silver Bengals 
Stacholy, Lisa  Ruby Claw Bengals 


TIBCS Breeders



Achuff, Daniel Leopardlanecats 
BAPTISTA, ELAINE Bengal Brasilis 
Bergmann, Elina FI*Heillandi 
Born, David Epsilon Bengal Cats 
Boyd, Melody BoydsBengals 
Carter, Alexandra SilverBark Bengals 
Chan , Violette Atistaldi Bengals 
Clevenger, vicki vskbengals 
Colwell, Maria Amarillofields 
Cope, Elizabeth BENGALS-E-BEST 
Corns, Debbie and Rick MAINSTREET 
DeLuna, Tracy Lunakatz Bengals 
Dickman, Nancy Bella Bengals 
Dillon, Monique LapLepard 
Doeppenschmidt, Larry Acappella Bengals 
Eckhardt, Denise Simias 
Ehret, Boris Spice Bengals 
Faulkner, Marla Lone Star Bengals 
Fernandes, Carlos Bengal Server 
Harbert, Pat OHMY  
Heil, Don and Margie SNOPRIDE 
Heslop, Rebecca ZallyCatz Bengals 
Isac, Alexandru Bengalcat 
Ivonne van Dreumel, Cattery Bengalivo Bengalivo 
Jagiella, Diana Bengal Buddies 
Johnson, Linda Diann CAZPURR 
Karvelas, Jamie Naples Bengals 
Keehma, Mary Purrfectdreams 
Kelkat, Maki KELKAT 
Kerr, Samantha A-Kerr's Bengals 
Killmaier, Pat Aluren Bengals 
Klinger, Anita DAWNSTAR 
Kokolus, Kaylen Exotic Mirage Bengals 
Kotewicz, Tari KotyKatz Bengals  
Kretchmer, Linda Belgo Bengals 
Kuehn, Cynthia Cynidon Bengals 
Langevin, Pamela MAJESTIC PRIDE 
Larocque, Marie-Lisa MarieBengal 
Larocque, Marie-Lisa MarieBengal 
Lewis, Rebecca Spot to Spot Bengals 
Lewis, Heather Exotic Legends 
Malone, Jennifer Designer Spots Cattery 
McGroary, Jennifer ExSPOTic Cats Bengals 
McGroary, Jennifer ExSPOTic Cats Bengals 
McGroary, Jennifer ExSPOTic Cats Bengals 
McNair-Ford, Henrietta Adore Cats 
Mustapick, Glenn DESTINY BENGALS 
Myers, Vicki Dreamcoats Bengals  
Pelton, Julie Hot Spotz Bengals 
Prince, Nancy PrinceRoyal Bengals 
Ramsay, Elaine and Clive PoeticPaws 
Ravi, Nashary Nusantra Bengal 
Rennecker, Janet BlackMtnBengals 
Reynolds, Carolina Primal Bengals 
Riley, Graham and Sheila Iconic Bengals 
Rodgers, Marlene Dreamhaven Bengals 
Sanford-Richard, Gail ABSOLUTELY 
Sausman, Karen KINGSMARK 
Schneevoigt, Birgit BROCKENMOOR  
schulte, carol AsiaRoseXotics 
Seserko, Marilyn LawntonStMews 
Sickinger, Janet AJAYS Silver Bengals 
Smillie, Angela Southlakesbengals 
Smith, Jill Jensayla Bengals 
Sparandara, Simona Marmoll 
Stacholy, Lisa Ruby Claw Bengals 
Stewart, Amanda FastPaws 
Stokes, Gina Cositoes 
Treesinger, Jaen RAINFOREST  
Trnka, Wayne Dreamquest Bengals 
User, Test Example 
Walsh, Rommey Wild Legacy Bengals 
Walsh, Rommey Wild Legacy Bengals 
Ward, Kathy and Paul Leopardstrail 


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