Heaven Sent Bengals Of South Dakota

  Featuring Show Quality and Breeding Quality Bengals, Early Generation Bengals and Asian Leopards Cats Heaven Sent Bengals is committed to raising and promoting quality cats under the Code of Ethics of our Associations including TICA (The International Cat Association)and TIBCA (The Bengal Cat Association). In deciding to breed these cuddly li'l leopards, we accept responsibility for the cats in our cattery, including the kittens we raise, as well as the cats we retire. We have chosen this mis 
  Contact:Linda @ 6053917663         heavensentbengals@gmail.com      www.heavensentbengals@gmail.com

TIBCS, 7915 S. Emerson Ave., Suite B 142, Indianapolis, IN 46237, USA
Email: info@tibcs.com

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