Bengal Media Archives Anniversary Photo Drive and Contest

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The Bengal Media Archives Group is a historic media depository for the Bengal cat breed. The main purpose of the group is to collect and preserve photos, video, written histories and other media of past and current Bengal cats, catteries and their owners to serve the Bengal cat community. The site is free and open to all, and serves as a source of materials for research and for photo pedigree use. We have collected thousands of photos already, but have a long way to go. The Group is composed of two separate sites: The original on Yahoo Groups and a second location on Facebook.

We will have our sixth anniversary in April and have partnered with TIBCS to help celebrate this special occasion with raffles and photo contests. To take part, please join one of our two locations and post your photos as directed on the site. It's that easy. We hope everyone will have fun showing off their cats and we hope to gather additional material for our Archive that might otherwise be lost to history. The contests are as follows:


We'll have many prizes, provided by individuals, by TIBCS, and by fine companies such as these:


Winners will be determined by random drawing and as such old film scans or home photos have an equal chance of winning as professional photos. First through third place winners to be awarded.

  1. General Raffle---Create a cattery album named after your cattery and add photos of your current and past breeder Bengals. One entry per individual cat (Bengal/EG/ALC used in Bengal programs) photo uploaded.
  2. Old Timers Raffle---This raffle is for photos of cats (Bengal/EG/ALC used in Bengal programs) born in 1999 or earlier.
  3. Bengal Cattery Owners Raffle---Upload an image of yourself as a cattery owner into the Bengal Cattery Owner's Album. One entry per person added.
  4. Written Bengal Cattery History Raffle---Submit the history of your cattery for an entry into this raffle regardless of how long you have been breeding.

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You can enter the raffles at any time up to the cut off date of 1 May 2013. Entries are being submitted now!!

Photo Contests:

The membership of the Bengal Media Archives group will vote on submitted photos to determine winners. First through third place winners to be awarded.

  1. Cuteness
  2. Bengals in Motion
  3. On the Wild Side

We will also award an overall GRAND PRIZE WINNER determined by membership vote from among all the first place winners in the other seven categories. Prizes to be determined but we have some awesome items donated already. If you would like to donate a prize, you can contact Bob at

We would like to thank everyone for their participation over the past six years and look forward to seeing all the new members and photos added in response to our first annual anniversary celebration. We would also like to extend a big thank you to TIBCS for partnering with us and doing so much to promote the Bengal Breed. Thank you!!