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Change In ALC Status

The Asian Leopard Cat is now listed in the “Least Concern, Population Stable” category on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List. The list was revised in July 27, 2015. The IUCN is the world’s source on the global conservation of animal, fungi, and plant species. The movement of the leopard cat to Least Concern is good news for the Bengal cat!

See the Red List or, (more accessible) The International Society for Endangered Cats (ISEC) Canada.

Combatting HCM

The TIBCS Lightning Fund raises money to combat HCM in the Bengal breed. Currently ongoing research is searching for the genetic mutations in the DNA of HCM positive Bengals. We need more samples from both HCM positive Bengals and Bengals over 8 years old who are test HCM negative in that age group. It is estimated that another year and another grant will be needed to develop a test for HCM. Two potentially related variants have been located and the search for more continues daily.

You can help by donating to the Lightning Fund. Any amount would be very appreciated. Send it by Paypal to the e-mail and note that it is for the Lightning Fund.

Recommendations for HCM and PK Def

TIBCS has formally adopted Recommendations for HCM and PK Def. The recommendations state when Bengals should be tested and when it is appropriate to use them in a breeding program. The recommendations for HCM have been translated into additional languages. See Recommendations.

Around the Web

We are starting a column in The Bengal Bulletin that will list, with commentary as appropriate, web sites/pages that might be of particular interest to members. (For example, the inagural column included a webpage on "Do Raw Diets Affect Blood Test Results?") If you find something that may be of interest to the members (no matter what the topic), send an email to for possible inclusion in the next column.

Breeder's Brochure Available

TIBCS has a brochure that is designed for breeders considering joining TIBCS, titled "A Bengal Breeder's Best Friend." The brochure is on our website on the Forms and Docs page under documents or directly at

Everyone is invited to take it to shows to give Bengal breeders who haven't discovered TIBCS yet.

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