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What's in this issue? Stories, articles, and pictures for the pet ower and breeder alike!

The 44 pages in this issue include:

  • A perspective (from their book) about "Breeding Bengals towards the Wild Look" by two notable award-winning Euopean breeders, Boris Ehret and Sabine Wamper
  • Information about HCM Research
  • An uplifting story about a rescued Bengal who became a hero
  • The return of our two colums:
    1. Behavior by the Cat Coach, Marilyn Krieger
    2. The Spoiled Bengal by Heidi Gurov and her connoisseur of cat toys, Sammie
  • Several articles about showing
  • To kick off our 25th Anniversary Year, articles from the FIRST Bengal Bulletin in 1988, including the first article ever written in the bulletin by Jean Mill!
  • and pages and pages MORE!

Breeder's Brochure Available

TIBCS has a brochure that is designed for breeders considering joining TIBCS, titled "A Bengal Breeder's Best Friend". The brochure is on our website on the Forms and Docs page under documents or directly at

It's available for download and printing. In addition we hope soon to have it available for purchase pre-printed for a small fee.

Everyone is invited to take it to shows to give Bengal breeders who haven't yet discovered TIBCS yet.

Bengals Are Most Popular Breed of Cat

The Bengal has topped The International Cat Association's (TICA's) list of the most kittens and cats once again.

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