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President's Message 2015!

I hope you had happy holidays, and soon it will be time for spring kittens! As we go forward into 2015 there will be some changes in TIBCS that I want to talk to you about. And I would love to hear from you with any comments, questions, concerns or suggestions. I can be reached at or TIBCS has gone through some difficult years and it is now time to rebuild and step boldly into the new year.

First, our monthly Executive Board meetings will be on the last Saturday of every month at 3:00 p.m. Eastern time. My hope is that you can join us. It is easy to come to a meeting. All you need do is contact Clive Ramsay at and he will send you the link to the chat room prior to the meeting (only members may attend our meetings).

Next, an issue on many people's minds is the Bengal Bulletin. In 2015 the Bulletin will be electronic. So if you have a Breeder Membership or a General membership then when you renew your membership you will want to select E-Breeder or E-General Memberships. These E-memberships are slightly less expensive.

Articles, ads, and etc are due to the Bengal Bulletin editor by February 1, 2015 for this issue. The editor's e-mail is We also sometimes accept articles from non-members.

I would invite you to write an article for the Bulletin and send pictures. Any subject or aspect of Bengal ownership is welcomed. It can be fun to see your article in the Bulletin along with pictures of your cat! Or, if you don't feel you can write an article but have an idea for an article please send that to us. And if there is a subject you would like to see in the Bulletin please let us know. The Bengal Bulletin in 2015 will be what you make it.

Lastly I will end this message the way I started it. If you have any comments, ideas, complaints or suggestions please contact me with your thoughts. Let me know what direction you would like to see TIBCS go, or what you want out of your membership. So please feel free to contact me, your thoughts are important to me.

Thank you for supporting TIBCS!

Kathy Ward
TIBCS President

Breeder's Brochure Available

TIBCS has a brochure that is designed for breeders considering joining TIBCS, titled "A Bengal Breeder's Best Friend." The brochure is on our website on the Forms and Docs page under documents or directly at

It's available for download and printing. In addition we hope soon to have it available for purchase pre-printed for a small fee.

Everyone is invited to take it to shows to give Bengal breeders who haven't discovered TIBCS yet.

New member of TICA Breed Committee

TIBCS Member Mark Pennington, Mystre Cattery, was elected to the TICA Bengal Breed Committee in December 2014. Congratulations!

TIBCS Appoints Membership Secretary

Carrie Lower recently was appointed Membership Secretary by President Pro Tem Nancy Prince to replace Kathy Ward, who became President. She started researching what sort of animal would work best with individuals who were diagnosed on the Autistic spectrum after experience with family members and friends children, and in 2012 discovered the benefits of the Bengal breed. She now raises and trains Bengals to live and work as support and emotional assistance animals for individuals on the autism scale, other anxiety, depression, or PTSD issues.

Carrie works full time as a software support representative for tax accountants during the day and is a published children’s book author with her first book in the Vachtor Guardian of the Heart series coming out this spring. Carrie has an MBA in Business with a specialty in Marketing and lives in Kansas with her daughter, two dogs, and small collection of cats.

Subscribe to the Bengal Bulletin

Now you can have an electroinc subscription to the 25-year old magazine that is everything bengal. What's in this issue? Stories, articles, and pictures for the pet ower and breeder alike!

  1. Send your name, email, and phone number (in case of problems) to

  2. Send your payment by PayPal to or by check drawn on a US bank to TIBCS, PO Box 780112, Wichita, Kansas 67278 USA.

Your subscription will be activated as soon as your payment is received and we will send you the link and password when each Bulletin is ready to be viewed (starting now!).

Got News?

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TIBCS Membership Secretary - PO Box 780112, Wichita, Kansas 67278 USA

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